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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Greg Giraldo’ s Death from Drug Overdose and Cancer Awareness

Gerald Girarldo, lawyer and stand-up comedian, died at at 44 from prescription drug overdose. Click here for the news

Synthetic medicine that take we take in to cure a particular disease may be good to attack the disease., but the side effects are there.: damage to the liver, kidney, heart, bones and other organs of the body.

Our body is perfectly designed by God, and it continues to do its work if we follow our Lord’s advice.: drink milk, honey, eat fruits and vegetables in its original form. But in the desire of man to hasten its growth for profit, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are applied. In addition, to combat “hunger”, foods are processed, putting in preservatives, lots of sugars, food coloring.

In the medical world, eating of milk, and animal fat was restricted, promoting the pyramid diet which espouses more of carbo, decreasing the ratio of fats. Fats are made the culprits, particularly animal fats, which was said to clog the arteries. So cholesterol is also restricted, claiming that there is bad, as well as good cholesterol.

Per Dr. Robin B. Navarro, a Filipino medical specialist on the biocellular level, cholesterol is good, and he classifies it to good and very good cholesterol. Where do you get this cholesterol? Animals fed by by grass like cow, goat, buffalo have fats that contain choline, phosphatidylcholine which are needed by the liver, and other organs for them to function properly. Natural lecithin will emulsify the fats for it to flow smoothly in the blood vessels. The much needed protein and other nutrients come from whole grain bread, unpolished rice, free-range chicken , goat, cow, fish and to be supplemented with B vitamin inositol, vit A. Intake of raw wild hone is also necessary
If you are short of these fats (in addition to other vitamins and minerals coming from other natural sources, plus other factors for proper health maintenance like minimum of seven hours of sleep, less stress, exercise, healthy mental attitude, oxidative damage will come in. You get attacked by viruses, bacteria, parasites, mutation of cells, because the blood becomes acidic.
The above mentioned diet will also prevent cancer cells from growing.
Click here Doc Navarros’s site.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dengue fever is dreaded in the Philippines especially during rainy season, so I am watchful of my surroundings of stagnant water in containers which could be the breeding place of mosquitoes.

My son lives separately from me, south of Manila, nearer his place of work. When I learned that he was sick (thanks to Nils' notification), I rushed to his side, past 12 in the morning, to check on him because he is alone in his apartment. His fever was about 39 degrees Centigrade ( I didn’t have thermometer), he was complaining of excruciating headache, his skin was very sensitive to touch, his throat was sore. It was his second day of having high fever. What I did was to spray him with a mixture of 30 ml of distilled water mixed with 50 drops of of MAC (Mineral Alkaline concentrate). His fever would subside a bit after the spray, and when the fever started to rise again, I sprayed him again with the mixture (head, neck throat, armpits, back, chest, stomach area, arms, including the soles when I felt that it was cold. And then at 2:00 a.m. he took another paracetamol to let out his fever. After placing a towel on his back to absorb the perspiration, out it came so I hit the sack after praying
one mystery of the Rosary for his fast recovery.

At 10:00 a.m of the same day, I looked into the unshaded back part of the house. I noticed a plastic tumbler full of rainwater with mosquito eggs. I was alarmed so, I insisted that my son have his blood tested to rule out dengue. Thank God, it was negative.

During the time I was attending to my son, it reminded me of his classmate in prep school who was having an off and on fever. On the 4th day he died of dengue. From that time on. I didn’t want to wait for the 3rd day to be over before I bring my children to the hospital.

The fever is the reaction of the body to fight off an infection. If the immune system is strong, the fever would go away on the 4th day. However, if the immune system is low, the 4th day is very critical and the patient may die.

They body has to be fortified with oxygen, minerals and the vitamins to fight off infection, but you have to meet the other requirements for a healthy body like at least 7 hours of sleep, moderate exercise,positive mental attitude, proper elimination, avoiding intake of synthetic products, eating the foods recommended by God: milk, honey, fertilized eggs, meat from free- range animals (no pork), fish with scales and no to bottom dwellers like shrimps, lobsters, crabs, squids.(Visit the site of Doc-rbnavarro,net)

REMEMBER: Always ask for God’s mercy.

For more of the news/advisory on dengue, go to

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obesity/Weight Loss


During my high school and college years up to the time I worked, franchising of food resto was not yet popular. At that time it was either we go to a cafeteria and have our meal of rice and vegetable or rice and meat, or go home for the family lunch or dinner. I was not obese neither was any of my friends. You would not hear of news about children contracting diabetes, or suffering from hypertension or kidney problems.

But now, you would see children, their siblings and almost always, their parents are overweight. These are the people who prefer to eat in fast foods rather than cook at home, the convenience of a prepared meal is very attractive. The children are very fond of French fries which is deep fried on repeatedly heated oil. Meat and the veggies that go with the burgers are all right. But with a wide selection of food, the children often have their ways with food, choosing foods that are not healthful.
The ref is full of instant foods like noodles, chocolates, etc which are laden with preservatives, food colors. Children have easy access to these foods.
The body would be deficient of the necessary nutrients.The blood becomes acidic. When the blood is below the normal ph level, pathological microbes grow there.

In addition to the food problem, physical activities have been greatly diminished. No longer is the outdoor play, but children would rather stay indoors with their computers. Lack of physical activities would deplete the required oxygen of the body. (To be well, vitamins, minerals and oxygen of the body must not be compromised!)

Many mothers like their infants/toddlers chubby. If the children are already fat at this stage, they already have much fat cells.

Please watch the video on blood acidity, the cause of many health problems.

Do you wonder, why children have hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems?

Go to the news below on obesity:


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dementia, Depression

People are so afraid of cholesterol. My physician recommended that I bring it down to 150 from my 200. He prescribed statin for one month, a cholesterol lowering drug.
I researched the effect of statin and most users have this to say: it caused them muscle problems. So after learning about this, I stopped using it after two weeks.

Doctors have recommended eating eggs once a week only, because they claimed that it is very rich in cholesterol. But according to a research done by Dr. Robin B. Navarro, a Filipino medical specialist on the cellular level, avoiding eggs could cause damage to the brain. Egg (from free-range chicken or duck) is a very rich source of choline needed by the blood vessel to prevent its hardening. Other organs also need it for proper functioning.
We should not be afraid of cholesterol because its function is to go to the cell that is inflamed and do its work of patching it up.

A cell that is not properly coated by cholesterol becomes an entry point for the microbes to get in. Likewise, the brain is composed mostly of cholesterol. If the blood is short of cholesterol, it cannibalizes the brain by getting its supply of the needed cholesterol. In the same way that if the blood is short of calcium, it cannibalizes the bones to get its needed calcium.

Dr. Navarro has treated so many patients who no longer recognize their loved ones because of brain damage. Said patients were avoiding eggs. Dr. Navarro administered his RCB (rapid cellular balancing formula) to such patients plus his recommendation of four to six eggs a day, cow bone marrow, beef liver, duck eggs, whey milk, wild honey, non pasteurized buffalo milk (the cow and duck is not fed by feeds, but fed with grass and sea shells respectively.) His patients are back to normal. Visit Dr. Navarro’s site at www.doc-rbnavarro.net.

According to Dr. Navarro, doctors who followed the once a-week egg diet became depressed themselves. Some committed suicides.

An aunt who was on statin for a long period of time is now suffering from dementia.

Read the BBC news on Depression 'may lead to dementia'

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair Loss

Hair loss could be caused by a deficiency of copper in your diet or the use of shampoos that have harmful chemicals.

About four months ago, when I had my haircut, the hairdresser noticed my thinning hair so that she said that a particular hairstyle would magnify this condition. So from that time, I use a natural shampoo, I spray my scalp with Mineral Alkaline concentrate (MAC) diluted into 25 ml of mineral water with 30 drops of MAC after bathing. In the evening before I go to bed, I massage my scalp with coconut oil.
After three months after I started this routine, I noticed a thicker hair.

In addition to the spray, I drink a glass of water with five drops of MAC, five times a day, plus the supplement of vitamins, particularly Vitamin C.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Death, Robert Byrd

Ecclesiastes 7:2

It is better to go to a house of mourning
Than to go to a house of feasting,
For death is the destiny of every man;
The living should take this to heart.
My paternal grandfather died at 95, my grandmother at 85, my aunt at 92, my two uncles in their 50’s, and my mother at 48.

The cause of their death are the following:

Grandpa weakened in his 90’s, was bedridden for a short while, then died
of a respiratory ailment
Grandma lost her sight in her 80’s, knee muscles atrophied because of
immobility, eventually died of pneumonia
Aunt had a stroke (she was fond of eating pork), was bedridden for five
months before her death. Her heart gave up on her.
Uncles both died of bone cancer
Mother cirrhosis of the liver

To give you a picture of what could have caused the death of my loved ones: my grandparents and uncles lived in the country, while my mother in the city.
In the country, they lived surrounded by trees which emit oxygen, life was at a lesser pace, they ate veggies coming from their own harvest, free from harmful pesticides and fertilizers. However, my uncles had to travel from the country to the city because of their business. Meaning, they got exposed to pollution in the city and bad foods.

My mother was a workaholic; she left for work before the break of dawn, with only coffee for breakfast, she lacked sleep, and her life was full of stress, attending to 10 children, to housework and her business.

As we can see, death was caused by pollution, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, the food that we eat, depleted minerals and oxygen for my uncles and mother who died earlier compared to grandparents and aunt.

Robert Byrd, the US congressman who served the longest, died at 92. He led a fruitful life even in his senior years.

Yes, death is the destiny of every man, but when are we going to meet death… in our 90’s or as early as adolescence.

Watch Dick Nunez in his Body & Spirit program at 3abn and hear him out about flexibility and mobility.

Listen or go see Dr. Robin B. Navarro, a Filipino medical specialist on the bio-cellular level. He also studied plant and soil nutrition, so he sees the value of plants harvested from rich soil without the harmful fertilizer or chemical.
The Dr. Navarro is called a “miracle” doctor. His formulation of “rapid cellular balancing” has exponential effects on patients, even ones at the brink of death already.
It is a solution of major and minor minerals, (MAC has 72 major and minor minerals)
Dr. Navarro is a believer of God and what He teaches. He tells his patients to avoid pork, shrimps, crabs, fish without scales. He recommends eating duck eggs daily, beef liver, bone marrow from grass fed cows, whey milk, wild honey, unpasteurized buffalo milk.

Watch the video above on blood acidity to fully understand why our body becomes sick.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Problem skin

God is so wonderful, giving us a beautiful, smooth and flawless skin at birth. And the body is made by God that it can repair itself, that is, if we maintain our body in good condition.

At birth, the body's ph level is 80% alkaline and 20% acid. But as we grow, it reverses because we eat junk foods, foods that are laden by food colorings, preservatives; veggies and fruits harvested from mineral-depleted soils, and exposed to harmful pesticides and fertilizers; we eat foods that are forbidden by God, like pork , shrimp crabs and other scavengers of the sea, fish without scales because the toxins of the sea can penetrate the fish' skin without the protective layers of the scales;we ourselves are exposed to pollutants, we don't exercise, get stressed, we don't sleep for 8 hours, no more no less; and we don't do CMT or cleansing toning and moisturizing before going to bed, do you expect a beautiful skin?

As the body becomes acidic, the body becomes the breeding ground of pathological microbes,the cells of the body mutate, acids tend to erupt through the pores of the skin resulting to boils, acne, skin asthma, and other skin conditions.

Bring your body to the healing mode of 9 milli volt by drinking a glass of water with 5 drops of MAC (mineral alkaline concentrate), 8 times daily. Spray a dilution of 30 ml distilled water with 30 drops of MAC on the areas of the body with blemishes, and do away with the junk, forbidden foods Otherwise, healing will be difficult. AND PRAY FOR GOD'S HELP!

In addition, oxygenate the affected area with the help of beneficial ionized pad, a pad with negative ion. (Go to this links: http://beneficialionizedpad.blogspot.com FOR SKIN OXYGENATION and
http://naturals.yolasite.com and go to Defy encroaching signs of aging